We build portable Nintendo with the help 3D the printer

We build portable Nintendo with the help 3D the printer

This time ultramodern Dave Nunez made something more impressing: 3D printing portable NES (Nintendo Entertainment System – Game system of Nintendo (Dandy)).

Portable NES under the title of NESPo uses Nintendo-on-a-chip (NOAC), a clone of NES hardware because Nunez did not long to destroy the initial console. It caught NOAC for $15 in the form of Retro-BIT RES and pulled out it from the device.

We build portable Nintendo with the help 3D the printer

As the screen for NESPo it used 4.3? The TFT screen from the reversive chamber which cost approximately $20. As a power source he chose a replaceable battery 1500mAh as NiMH from radio-controlled machines, thus the device can work within 2 hours of game time. Later it built own audioamplifier on the basis of LM386.

Is quite unique that the case and the buttons used here, all 3D the printing. By means of the program for CAD of modeling of OpenSCAD and 3D the Makerbot Replicator 2 printer Nunez printed everything in 14 hours of 15 minutes – «3D the press very powerful, but slow, as well as all other», – Dave Nunez speaks. Details of the back and forward parties of the case, a separator tray which holds the main part of electronics, basic beams to provide reliable pasting of halves of the case, support of tactile switches to detain buttons on a place, D-pad and buttons, also a bulb an indicator/logo. For everything the material on the basis of polydairy acid (PLA) was used.

It was necessary to aggregate everything later. Everything appeared not so simply, as at the 1st look, but result quite good, strange, but working portable NES. «The positive moment of its korenastost will be that it can stand in itself, and it perfectly is suitable for demonstration», – Nunez added.

This project took about 2 weeks and cost to Nuneza approximately $80. If you wish to test to reproduce this project, initial files can be downloaded on Thingiverse. More detailed information is in Nunez’s blog.

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