This year 3D the press of wrenches really becomes reality

This year 3D the press of wrenches really becomes reality

This year 3D the press of wrenches really becomes reality
Few years ago all discussed 3D printing wrenches. It was perfectly planned and timely marketing course of Z-corp which affected in some degrees industry development 3D the press as a whole, on the last measure, proceeding from belief of popularity. But, to chagrin, it there was only a trick. Two years later about 3D the press of wrenches started talking in a new way. It is the terrible tool which do by means of a special method 3D of the press.

The tool about which there is a speech, is called as NRG3 — or a new graggers of the 3rd generation — 3D a printing roller wrench. The idea belongs to Roller Clutch Tools LLC, and at present their investment campaign is placed on Kickstarter, NRG3 is a besreduktorny graggers on the basis of the roller mechanism, instead of gear wheels. The precondition will be that rollers are stronger, work in a wrench of this kind with an additional benefit which is that there is no need to make huge efforts quicker.

This year 3D the press of wrenches really becomes reality

Some main applications of patentirovanny NRG3 include assembly of printers, radio-controlled planes, bicycles, robots and equipment. Feature of NRG3 consists in a double reason, the words Roller Clutch Tools eloquently sounded it:

«#1 that fact that present types of wrenches technically became outdated and there is a terrible need of their improvement. #2 that fact that many products which do for this day 3D printers, do not open all probable possibilities of this technology.

Our team is a lot of and diligent worked to make NRG3 reality. All process was quite wearisome, and we had to be fidgety much for some years, having sobbed out many tears. Eventually we came to that we can start creation of this product and with impatience we wait to look, as this tool will affect additive production».

For this purpose Roller Clutch Tools concluded the cooperation agreement with Solid Concepts to the USA on delivery of prototypes and all suitable spare parts for production by way 3D of the press when using process of laser agglomeration.

But it not the unique company in the sphere 3D the press which will be engaged in delivery and to support this project. Brook Drumm from Printrbot said:

«I received many requests from participants of Kickstarter about participation in this project … that I practically never I do. But one of participants showed me the most abrupt graggers from what I ever saw or used. I to a descent asked it it to embody to me. I do not joke – I do not know how to explain, how this graggers … it such smooth and brilliant was remarkable and at all this perfectly puts the clamps. Even now, when I simply remember it, I scratch hands. I adore tools and learned to appreciate the correct tools for work … to you this wrench is precisely necessary. When it told me about the intention to start the program on Kickstarter, I to a descent gave it some councils in this respect and offered the role in the commercial. For it to me pay nothing, but he very lovely suggested to become his partner! Why? (earlier still we will reach…) It is planned that handles will be 3d printing! It on me, simply I adore the similar. If its campaign on Kickstarter is successful, I will propose, that our society helped it with the press – powerful army 3D of printers! No matter what printing handle will bring the contribution, and all of us can become a part of a new way of production. A long time people were scattered by promises about decentralization of production and other advantages 3D printers. But, I personally did not see to volume of proofs. At present the chance appeared at us. I hope, you will reflect on supporting the project – be convinced, you will not regret. This wrench – your chance to become a part of Printrbot of army 3D of the press which will be engaged in an embodiment of orders. If all to develop, it becomes a real example of the decentralized production from associates».

If to them everything turns out, it becomes bolshushchy achievement. Look final conclusions of Roller Clutch Tools and their advertizing video below:

«You can imagine the world where 3D [printing] products are not simply available, well and повсеместны? Really cool tools deserve, that them made unusual methods. As our companion Steve Jobs, ‘people – actually builders of tools’ once said. We believe that came to transfer time the world of tools on absolutely new level».

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