The French patient found anew a nose thanks to 3D the press

Earlier this year English doctors successfully 3D printed an artificial limb for the man who has lost a half of the face after a cancer tumor. 60 summer Eric Morgan became the first who passed related function 3D of the press in Great Britain.

In 2012 the Belgian doctors successfully executed the first complete transplantation of the person in the country with introduction 3D the press. Specialists at first scanned a face of the patient by means of KT-skanera. Having used the special software for 3D visualization, they studied defects in a digital mode. On the basis of this analysis unpacked anatomic models of healthy bones to use them as an example during operation.

The French patient found anew a nose thanks to 3D the press

At present in France doktor returned a nose to the patient by means of the latest technologies. In the course of work on reconstruction of a nose of the doctor 3D scanned the person and by means of computers recreated nose model. 3д the printer which they used, the layer behind a layer spread nylon plastic to make an implant for the person. It used as base on which attached silicone, similar to the present, a nose artificial limb. The patient very much was delighted that can return at present to ordinary life.

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