The concept of Cadillac Elmiraj

The concept of Cadillac Elmiraj

made less than in a week with the help 3D scannings

New Cadillac Elmiraj debuted in Monterrey in August. Cadillac declares that the design of Elmiraj specifies the following step forward to brand Art & Science design DNA. How this concept of Elmiraj turned from plaster into digital model and returned in hands of masters? It appears, Elmiraj was created with the help 3D scannings.

The concept of Cadillac Elmiraj

Designers of the car began with creation of plaster model according to drawings. 3D scanners project the light image on a surface of mashtabirovanny model, at this time the chamber looks for refractions which represent curves or contours, writes down an object site in space and its direction. Each picture in a digital mode is compared with others while all car completely will not be photographed.

The concept of Cadillac Elmiraj

Mike Nolan from General моторс’ Design Fabrications Operations uses the scanner to receive 3D Cadillac Elmiraj picture.

«With Elmiraj we could use 3D scanning as a connecting link of ordinary technologies of the modeling, meaning plaster casts, and the technologies of digital scanning based on mathematical calculations», – Fran Sosedo, the director of North голивудской modern studio of design of the company General моторс said. «Possibility to scan plaster model very quickly and in details, also to pass from digital tools to work of masters and on the contrary played an important role».

Mathematical models acted as a basis for computer design and model creation manually from plaster. 3D scanners allowed designers to bring quickly configurations in the previous design in though what time. These data can be loaded into the milling machine operated by the computer to make full-size model. A part of the car it is possible to send on 3D the printer for fast creation of prototypes.

GM uses 3D scanning since 2001, generally for external and internal parts, instead of models of cars as a whole. Elmiraj became an exception. The main design workshop of the GM company is located in Warren, the State of Michigan. And the modern studio of design in California used 3D scanning to check actually each ideal, a mold and a detail.

«Thanks to 3D to scanning we managed to receive full-size model from drawings less, than in one week», – Bill Mattan, the senior manager of the Design center in Warren said the GM companies. «Elmiraj not simply fantastically beautiful concept car, he also allowed us to expand essentially possibilities of our use 3D the press».

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