Solidoodle embodies dreams of the inventor: history about the mechanized equipment for disabled people

Solidoodle embodies dreams of the inventor: history about the mechanized equipment for disabled people

Solidoodle embodies dreams of the inventor: history about the mechanized equipment for disabled people
This history about 3D to the press will cheer you up for all day — it inspires and knows about determination, persistence and about innovations. Davy Jose (Davey Jose) — the British inventor and the global macro strategist, it studied mathematics and informatics at Triniti’s Institute, Cambridge. The manufacturing company 3D of printers cooperates with Davy since the 1st shop 3D of the press of iMakr in London opened several months ago.

Cooperation is based on realization of idea of Davy on development of a cheap radio-controlled mobile boat which would help people with violations of the musculoskeletal device. Work and personal incidents led it to development of this project. At Deva there are difficulties with the right hand, it cannot move it after it was brought down by the car. Also it was traumatized in a spinal cord in the childhood.

Davy thought that his mission consists in development of the cheap technical solutions, allowing to help with the solution of troubles to itself and people who also have similar violations of the musculoskeletal device. 3D seemed the only way it to make.

Solidoodle embodies dreams of the inventor: history about the mechanized equipment for disabled people

At first Davy began realization of the idea with transformation of house lighting and electric sockets that they can be operated distantly. He speaks: «All decisions appeared cheap and available, but a few years ago you had to spend many means and efforts to their installation». Similar successful products led Davy to new more fascinating ideas – to the mobile device, or «regiments on wheels» as he calls it. The device copes distantly, it can be used to submit drugs and snack. The following purpose more courageous also assumes introduction 3D the press on purpose to improve the device and to equip it with a mechanical hand. It also uses cheap tools for 3D scannings to make virtual models of own orthopedic device which will potentially provide functions of adaptation of its technology of a mechanical hand out of the mobile device.

The director general This Solidoodle Cervantes was more than is surprised by Davy and his purpose when met it in London. It commented: «3D the press is surprising development which provides huge possibilities to such professional inventors as Mr. Jose, in development of the cheap decisions, capable to facilitate life of many people. Our users, here that defines our production, I am sure that 3D the press is capable to bring to the whole world huge benefit». Finally Solidoodle provided Davy 3D the Solidoodle printer of the 3rd generation and materials through the charity foundation Imagine It (Present it), the company will provide a techno support and the help in use 3D the printer for production of all suitable parts of the project.

Being on early steps of the project, Davy told Solidoodle about own successes and about prospects:

«The project in which I am engaged, is urged to give birth long-distance robots which become my new hand and will promote me to get and take the subjects being at my place to which I cannot get without someone’s help. 3D will help me to begin realization and prototyping of a mechanical hand. My ultimate goal is creation of the cheap robot assistant with the help 3D the Solidoodle printer. The primary purpose was improvements of my life by means of robots is my main motivation … the following purpose there will be an attempt to transfer experiences with robots on new level to help other people with limited possibilities.

At present I тормознул on statement of process of the press on a stream, test different programs and I analyze level of accuracy of final results. After work and the main part of days off I spend all the time for this project. I expect that this phase of tests will last some more weeks while I will study all possibilities of SD3.

The following step will be the beginning of tests with public models of artificial limbs of a hand which are on the Internet, will test accuracy of results and a place of connections. Accuracy of models will matter, because in mechanical 3D to a printing hand there will be many interconnected parts. Later with again I will be engaged in modeling and creation of new models, being based on own experiences of SD3 is and there is the most interesting and creative part of all process.

When I will start to print own designs, I will need to reflect about серво cursors, drives and on how to connect all this. Later turn of the software for remote control 3D a printing mechanical hand.

Also I not so long since started to use 3D scanning (means of Kinect and the mobile phone) to embody the present physical data. Now I try to scan a plastic orthopedic corset which I carry for neck/back support. Idea in that I managed to make 3D models which can be adapted and built in boats – predecessors of technology which will lead to creation of a mechanical hand. All this becomes possible thanks to SD3! This idea came to me when I received SD3 and thought, as powerful it is the tool, and how many it has probable possibilities in development of personal robots and mechanisms».

Davy wrote more laboriously about own views concerning technology of automation in the blog.

Solidoodle embodies dreams of the inventor: history about the mechanized equipment for disabled people

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