– scanning online service 3D from Artec – scanning online service 3D from Artec – scanning online service 3D from Artec

the manufacturing company 3D of Artec Group scanners declared start of new service on 3D to scanning and the press which allows to do pictures in house aspects and to receive 3D a printing skulpturka itself.

It is necessary for you to have Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 иои Windows and the personal computer. Everything that it is necessary to make, it is correct to arrange Kinect and to follow voice instructions, to scan itself by means of Kinect. You can change dresses and poses, and later to choose the best picture which wish to print.

On the completion of process of scanning, your data are processed and loaded on a site It is possible to order 3D the press of a skulpturka itself later, having simply pressed the button «3D the press». – scanning online service 3D from Artec

In couple of days you receive 3D Mini-Me on the scale of 1:20 your growth (? 5-7 cm). No matter what figure is printed from a white and multi-colored plastic material, and after Sculpteo puts in order it to you.

3D the printing figure costs $59 (44 euros), delivery free in borders of the USA and Europe. At present does not allow to keep 3D pictures. 3D it is possible to print only that picture which was made by means of – scanning online service 3D from Artec

Below the small presentation is presented. To download the appendix it is possible here.

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