Revolution in the fashion world: textile files for 3D the Cube

Present that you have a possibility to create dream clothes, having simply loaded textile patterns, in a digital mode having cut out and having combined pieces of a fabric, having chosen the suitable size – for this purpose to press the press button on the 3D the printer enough and to receive a ready thing. Such imagination everything becomes closer thanks to textile files from the member of Cubify, Orion. At present Cubify lets out a new set of textile files which will make technology 3D of a printing fashion available to everyone. At present we let out Pyralink, Crystallink, and Halite. These three textile models become the first in a series of patterns which we will present in the heading Wednesday Wearable.

Revolution in the fashion world: textile files for 3D the Cube

Press appendices 3D in the industry of a fashion achieved rotary пт. Tools for creation 3D a printing fashion are eventually available to the public. 3D the press allows the designer to re-embody the most courageous projects in reality, in a thing which can be put on. Difficult, complex elements on which creation months of handwork left, at present it is possible to make with ease, having simply pressed the button «3D the press». Designers of haute couture already use technologies 3D of the press when developing own collections, but the Cubify team to aspire to make technology 3D of the press available to all.

It is clear that 3D the press is capable of almost all in the fashion sphere therefore the most professional, creative designers of Cubify received a task to make the tools promoting fast distribution 3D the press of this industry. It will push designers to ordinary tools to start to experiment possibilities 3D the clothes press. Perhaps, society 3D of designers will continue researches, will create beautiful, non-polluting clothes.

Cubify suggests all designers of a fashion to download their textile patterns and to study all possibilities. Develop the line 3D of printing clothes, help to move heaven and earth thus fashions during this new and unusual time. Load own designs 3D printing clothes and unpack them, having used our services.

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