Personal precious jewels from American Pearl

Personal precious jewels from American Pearl
The American Pearl company, based Charlie Bekheshom in the fifties, at first was engaged in retail trade and delivery of usual models of the jewels devoted to elegant pearls from all over the world. Since then practically everything exchanged. Eddie, descendant Charlie, transformed the company in modern, having created wide Internet shop. The main office of the company is located in the Diamond Area, on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and the site American Pearl continues to extend with the advent of new technologies. By means of the patented SAPR program and technology 3D of the press the company transferred creation of jewels from precious metals and stones in 21 eyelids.

Now on a site American Pearl, also on the second site of the American Diamond company clients have a possibility to change the chosen models of jewelry in coordination with individual wishes of everyone. It can be made by means of the graphic interface of the user developed by Eddie and his company. Unlimited quantity of products, including pearl and diamond rings and earrings, it is possible to change unlimited quantity at will. It is possible to pick up hotimy type of stones, a form and quantity which will be inlaid in a product, also material type of which it will be made (for example, white, pink or yellow gold).

Personal precious jewels from American Pearl

There will be a new function soon – a distance choice between stones. It is possible to twist a ring in 3D space or in a virtual mode to look, as it will look on a finger. And, the most important, the size of a ring can be picked up in coordination with features of your finger, it also will be displayed in virtual model. In spite of the fact that on a site there are certain restrictions, at present the company works expanding a range of possibilities of clients, having provided them freedom of creation and modeling of absolutely unique jewels.

After you chose model, threw, jewels, the size and an engraving, your work on it comes to an end. There comes a turn 3D the Solidscape T76 printer. Your design is produced from the thermoplastic wax intended for molding on melted models. The form is created, in it precious metal is filled in, the product is ready to incrustation by jewels. Not including possibilities without the aid of others to model products online, process allows to keep a large quantity of time and means which were spent for purchase earlier, thus, prime cost decreased. Watch below the clip more laboriously describing all process:

The company uses this technology, since 2000th years. Only the attention to their technological process thanks to promoting 3D the press at present increased. On their site you will find information that American Pearl is engaged in creation of personal products to order.

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