Organization of a first-ever exhibition 3D of printing chocolate

Android is an operating system on the basis of which works 1 billions phones and tablets. After an exit of Android 1.5 Google started to call each latest version of OS in honor of sweets: A fruitcake, Dounat, an Eclair, the Frozen yogurt, Christmas gingerbread, Honey honeycombs, Morozhennoye a briquette and Zheleynye beans. «As it is very heavy to people to resist to chocolate, we decided to call the following Android version in honor of our beloved of chocolates, Kitkat», – writes Google.

To use the name KitKat, Google concluded the agreement with Nestle, the manufacturing company of chocolates of KitKat. Nestle always was engaged in promotion of qualitative food and qualitative life. To spread the philosophy in South Africa, together with an exit of the new Android KitKat version, the Nestle company decided to organize an exhibition devoted to chocolate. Nestle addressed to 10 most professional designers that they created unique sculptures which 3D will print later from chocolate.

«Having come to a descent from 2 very different worlds – chocolate and development – gave rise to idea of creation of chocolate works of art that became possible by means of use of innovative technology», – Kevin Korlett, the executive director of Nestle speaks.

Organization of a first-ever exhibition 3D of printing chocolate

All designs were made by means of Android OS and free online instruments 3D of modeling. To make works of art, 3D the printer which usually uses plastic fibers at work, перераблотали that it used chocolate as an expendable material. Thus, it was possible to make noteworthy three-dimensional sculptures.

Over creation creative 3D printing works of art worked: technical analyst Layron Sugev, Deyl Halvorsen, Joey Hi-Fi, Studio Muti’s Mine Jonke, Am I of Collective and Orijin.

«Nestle longed to show, how South Africa is rich with talents. We considered many professional people with various experience and education. Illustrators, 3D painters, architects, designers of covers for books and confectioners were included into the final list of people which worked over creation of creative designs», – Ryan Makmanus, the executive creative director of NATIVE VML, digital agency Nestle South Africa speaks.

These works from chocolate will be presented in the Museum of the African Design in the Johannesburg Maboneng Precinct from November 7 to November 10, 2013.

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