NASA knows, how 3D the press can be used on ISS (+ by video)

NASA knows, how 3D the press can be used on ISS (+ by video)

3D the printer will send on space station in August, 2014. Together with the Californian company Made in Space NASA should carry out tests new 3D the printer in further year. He can create tools and the materials necessary to astronauts, much quicker.

«3D the printer which we are going to send for space station, becomes the first 3D the printer, visited space», – the managing director of the project 3D of the press of the Center of Flights of a name of Marshall declared at NASA Niki Verkheyser. «It is the 1st step on a way to a replicator from "Star Trek"». In video below Verkheyser knows how new development can be used at the International Space station, also gives some examples of spare details which in a condition to make 3D the printer for ISS.

NASA knows, how 3D the press can be used on ISS (+ by video)

The device becomes the first 3D the printer working in aspects of a microgravity. It will be rather compact to be located in Microgravity Science Glovebox. NASA counts that it will be possible to print tools and spare details at the most space station, thus, it will not be necessary to deliver them from Earth. Dispatchers can load CAD files on space station, that later the press difficult details. Members of team can use later new printing details to assemble tools, to repair the broken transfers and even to design nanosatellites.

«This 1st printer prints on the basis of plastic, but in coming we plan to make models which can the press from metal and other types of a material», – Verkheyser speaks. In coming during long space travel for borders of the Terrestrial orbit the crew of the ship cannot expect a long time deliveries from Earth. New development 3D the press can become irreplaceable during missions on asteroids or Mars.

«For space station it will reduce risk, cost and will increase efficiency», – Verkheyser speaks. «This development is irreplaceable for long research missions».

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