Interview to Japanese designer Hiroyaki Nishimura

Interview to Japanese designer Hiroyaki Nishimura

Hiroyaki Nishimur – Japanese the designer who does beautiful, functional objects, using elements of structural support. Interview to it below is presented.

Tell a little about itself: who are you? from where?

I have a design agency in Tokyo, we create creative schemes. I work in the different spheres generally connected from designs of products and graphics, also spatial and creative design.

What you inspires? Ideas of designs from where undertake?

I wish to help myself and people. In our everyday life mass of troubles, but they much them can be solved by means of various services and objects. From time to time we face with not solved неуввязками. When I come up against a situation at which there is a thought: «As though I would like to have it» or «It certainly would be useful to me», I to a descent have a desire to make this thing. And, if everything was possible, I with pleasure share the opening with others. Therefore I always look behind all events round me, in it the main value.

Interview to Japanese designer Hiroyaki Nishimura

Why you decided to use press services 3D from Shapeways?

Everything is very simple: because of people who there work. Designers and other users. There are people who want to look simply at new things even if they have no intention something to take. There is nothing better for the designer when he longs to show or embody the work.

Where you learned to work with 3D with modeling?

I studied bases of design at institute of arts of Musashino, in Tokyo. Later, working as the designer of products in Panasonic, I caught professional possibilities of modeling and learned to create beautiful bends which do smooth structures.

How you advertize the works?

At first I consider the concept of my work, and I am engaged in search of the producer later. All process of realization of idea took a lot of time before the final product got on the market. At present together with Shapeways certain people can directly participate in the market. As the best example, idea which was born, issued and on sale in Shapeways Internet shop on the same day. It is real. Certainly, in the course of work for the designer the main nuance there should be a quality, but I am going to use pluses of so fast work and I will start to create things one for another.

Interview to Japanese designer Hiroyaki Nishimura

Who your loved designers or painters?

I always liked Jasper Morrison. To me imposes that its works contain elements of fun, convenience and what I did not meet earlier, its designs transfer all beauty of natural materials, this true art.

Interview to Japanese designer Hiroyaki Nishimura

If there were no restrictions in development, what you would make with the help 3D the press?

I would long to make everything that I carry, from clothes to small accessories. It would be much more interesting not to take, and without the aid of others to create the clothes, life in an environment of the things thought up by me would be fantastic.

Than you still would long to share?

I have a Japanese office nearby to Tokyo. I am engaged in a set of creative and suitable projects therefore if you had an interesting idea, surely contact me! I with impatience wait to get acquainted with an abundance of creative producers. Also I will be on Fab9 JAPAN, it is the international conference which is passed later this month in the rising sun Country, I invite also you to visit it!

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