Igor Knezevichs design center

Igor Knezevichs design center

This week we will tell about designer Igor Knezevich, the winner of various competitions, the conceptual designer of architecture and films from Los Angeles, the State of California. He is interested in digital production technologies, also conceptual design in cinematography. It worked in a line-up of painters of such films, as «the Person of the X-th», "Oblivion", «An illusive way», a new remake of "Robocop" and others.

Igor Knezevichs design center

From where you have ideas? What you inspires?

I always try to establish rules at first. If you make a right choice at installation of rules during object design, it is possible to consider that your object is ready for 75 %. All of us now use tools 3D CG, it gives the chance to create the most different forms, but unlimited freedom can play a malicious joke in the course of modeling. Rules and discipline in a condition to make design is simpler and more elegant, also corresponding to own appointment. If my model interested you at least for an instant, I can regard it as own success. I think, this sensual communication stars in coming design.

Why you addressed for press services 3D to Shapeways?

Directly thanks to Shapeways I vpervy thought that it is possible to make with high-quality SLS devices and nylon plastic, also 3D printing metals. I was struck with possibilities, I develop many of own designs taking into account features of materials. Also the prices of Shapeways were essentially below, in comparison with other providers of similar services. I started to use Shapeways for a long time and it reversed my process of development of design.

Igor Knezevichs design center

Where you caught possibilities 3D modeling?

I was engaged a long time 3D in CG. I am the designer by training. Started to borrow 3D with architecture with 3D studio for DOS in 1992. It was still that time! Your iPod (most likely) has more than possibilities, in comparison with those devices which existed at that time. Later I became interested in different types 3D design, parametrical and algorithmic design. I consider that such tools as Grasshopper and Processing are simply irreplaceable for the designer.

How you advertize the work?

Well, I was engaged in ordinary work on the Internet, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging, but I was bored shortly by this work, it would be desirable to be engaged in something another. I simply show a photo of real objects on the site. Any CG of visualization, and so strongly there is a lot of it. Ironically, after all CG visualization is direct is my main profession. So, now left that I sell the products generally through retail shops in California. About two years ago I in common with the 2 companions based the company in Hong Kong under IXISM title, specially on purpose to enter the Asian market.

Igor Knezevichs design center

Who your loved painters or designers?

To me has luck to live and studies in Vienna, in Austria, within several years. In this city there was a design association with 1902 по1932 year under the title the Vienna workshops. For me it was an inexpressible combination of art, craft and design. Zavorazhivayushche! I hope that 3D the press could lead to formation of similar association today. In society Shapeways borders I admire beautiful works of Nervous System, Michael Cornelissen and Virtox.

If you were not limited to present possibilities of technology 3D of the press, what you would make?

I with impatience wait for that day when we will have a possibility 3D to print in micro and nanoscales, then it will be possible to create not simply a form, and to change properties of a material and how he behaves … Present penoobrazny, mochalkoobrazny and angular materials … and add in this combination a decanter. It is simply inexpressible! I hope to live till those days, to behold all the eyes.

Than you still would long to share?

As all plastic materials and tools for design, at 3D the press are own "language" and "character". Me always designs in what there is something new … impossible actually interest to make other methods. In other words, «fast prototyping», how many «new esthetics» is not so interesting to me. Ahead there is so much all new.

Come into Igor Knezevich’s shop on Shapeways, find more interesting designs on its site.

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