The Nanyansky Institute of technology in Singapore builds $30 million AP the Science center

The Nanyansky Institute of technology in Singapore builds $30 million AP the Science center

Last month article about competitions which were carried out by Nanyansky Institute of technology (NTU) in Singapore was placed, certain from them the 2nd is devoted 3D to a printing fashion, and new designs of accounts, but we did not tell you about NTU and about their new Nanyansky Center of Additive Production (NTsAP).

On purpose to become one of the leading countries in development of technology 3D of the press, this initiative is supported by Council of Economic development of Singapore (SIR), the institute is engaged in creation of $30 million NTU of the Center of the Additive Production which opening is planned for May, 2014. In the center not only the newest will be presented 3D printers, among which SLM250HL, Objet, and Zcorp; students can use in own researches the called devices or the 1st Singapore 3D the bioprinter.

The Nanyansky Institute of technology in Singapore builds $30 million AP the Science center

SLM250HL for selective laser melting of a steel powder

In 2003 doctor Chua Chi Kai, the managing director of School of mechanical and space equipment at NTU, used 3D the press to transform KT pictures to a copy of a skull of the patient on which it could practise before carrying out operation. Not so long ago doctor Chua finished a task on the press of a biodecomposed stage for the biopress and presented to the offer government on 25 million dollars to print lungs with introduction of stem cells. Doctor Chua tried to receive public financing on 3D printers in a past, in The Straits Times interview he said:

«When I vpervy addressed for currency support in the Ministry of Education on acquisition 3D the printers working at base of metal, to me refused. I tried again in a year, to me again refused. I hope, the government will allocate to us funds for training of people, I do not wish, that we always grazed back».

Doctor Chua, eventually, met with approval, NTsAP will start the master program at the rate of AP, also for pupils of School of mechanical and space equipment, training masters in exact mechanical engineering, engineering, design of systems and technical science. Students can carry out independent researches to press areas 3D through the NTU program – Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus (URECA). The center will have certain communications with industrial projects that in turn will direct country researches to the innovative course and will lead to development of new products.

The center in the area 300 sq.m works over creation of the new software, technologies, materials and appendices.

The Nanyansky Institute of technology in Singapore builds $30 million AP the Science center

Here only some areas and projects in which the center, on инфы an official site of NTsAP is engaged:

• «Selective Laser Melting of Aluminium and Copper alloys, also Silicon of high purity for introduction in the defensive purposes»

• Creation of hybrids

• «Completely automatic chocolate 3D the printer with system of giving which can maintain viscosity of chocolate and temperature. Future researches will be aimed at the press of artificial proteins which remind meat.»

• «The direct press of cages, also creation of a biodecomposed stage for fabric engineering.»

(SIR) allocated council of Economic development of Singapore of $500 million the next 5 years for the purpose of development of growing AP of sector of the country. There are certain concerns that 3D the press exaggerate possibilities. As doctor Jan Gibson, the assistant professor of the technical center of design and innovations of Municipal institute of Singapore, in interview to the NewsAsia channel said:

«There are bases to consider that the market is subject to high inflation, proceeding from belief of severe investments into technology which is a bubble and can burst soon. It can absolutely happen». The burst bubble 3D the press it is obligatory, will affect such companies, as the Singapore Prototype Asia which grew from S$350,000 in 2011 to S$750,000 in 2012 thanks to global enthusiasm to technology.»

The director general of Prototype Asia, Benois Valin will say about all events at the Inside 3D Printing conference in Singapore in two weeks, together with doctor Gibson who will operate conference together with Ari and Khanka and Eta Kuneyn from 3D Printing Industry.

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