Design of week on – Hopelessness

Design of week on – Hopelessness
This week Ravi Venkataraman with the design "Hopelessness" (Wit’s End) which as you can see, quite precisely gives this feeling becomes the winner on

It is a part of a series «Emotions in 3D» Ravi Venkataraman in whom various sensual conditions, from frustration to pleasure, are transferred in a look 3D sculptures. We already saw some it works. This sculpture is created by IvarFace by means of high-precision 3D the scanner, capable to make 180 gradusny picture of the person in only 4 seconds.

Venkataraman speaks:

«The sculpture specifies that feeling when you feel in a stalemate when everything completely leaves from under your control. Thin painful expression together with a hand on the head give a strong feeling».

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