Creation of requisites on the printer. Part 1

Creation of requisites on the printer. Part 1

It is the 1st of 2 parts of special article from the professional developer of requisites of Lord Archibald (Lord Archiebald).

I am a designer, working in the film industry the last 15-20 years, and looked behind development of technology 3d of the press within several years or about that. Despite all pluses of technology, the Internet it is filled with a photo of unfortunate printing products, directly it constrained me from investment to this sphere. Several months ago, having read responses and descriptions of all models available at present, I risked and caught 3d the Cube printer.

I caught Cube because decided that in case it will turn out nothing, I will not throw out superfluous funds on a wind. Well and if it is so good, as about it say, it is even better. I have good news. It is magnificent! In spite of the fact that it prints only at permission in 0,2 mm, it is enough of it to receive accuracy suitable us.

The most important, it how final printing models look! All products need post-processing. For this reason the Cubify team addressed to me that I gave a master class on the subject "Pipboy 3000" from a computer game of FALLOUT 3, model which I printed on the Cube printer.

My choice fell on this model not only because it the main in a computer game but also because it is quite big requisite and it it was necessary to print in parts. At present, when to the Cube printer under force to print identical model, I can safely tell that 3d the press becomes one of the main tools in my arsenal when developing requisites for the following film. It is a question of the desktop press, instead of using the expensive services of bureau specializing on teologiya of SLS and SLA when you cannot actually supervise terms of performance of work.

To me on the nice fellow idea of existence of the whole department of designers, on a table at each of which CubeX would flaunt. Here final (actually) Pipboy version.

Creation of requisites on the printer. Part 1

The reason on which I speak actually – I only started to study potential possibilities of this device. This model is created and processed during breaks and changes in a course extent lasting about one and a half weeks. Each element was not rather processed and cleared, the back part looks better, rather than a lobby (only because I printed a back part first).

This photo of all parts, at different stages of work. If to look narrowly closer, it is possible to behold neon greenish light of a material.

Creation of requisites on the printer. Part 1

Let’s at present dwell upon post-processing. Here Cube picture in the course of the press of the 3rd main parts of a back part. I still am surprised to how precisely and in details it prints high models. First I thought that they will start to move.

Creation of requisites on the printer. Part 1

If you use a material which went complete with Cube at the press, at you models which look approximately as should turn out finally. So, at first it is necessary очисть model from sticking-out superfluous plastic if such is. Use a craft knife or a scalpel, but be careful, these knifes very sharp. Children do not need to do it without the aid of others.

We will present you the second part of article soon. Look behind the events.

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