Chicago Charm Company — success history about 3D printing jewelry

Chicago Charm Company — success history about 3D printing jewelry

Chicago Charm Company — success history about 3D printing jewelry

Carter Li – the Chicago jeweler in the 2nd generation. Years of work in such hyper – the concentrated sphere as Jewelr Row, showed it as not enough configurations there left in comparison with innovations in personal production. This understanding is direct was an incitement to connect the enterprise and creative parties of its personality, to base Chicago Charm Company. To begin jeweler business then it was not simple – the industry already inveterate, clients prefer the tested companies that does accumulation of client base by very difficult process if not to bring on the market a new product.

To case was more than perfectly clearly about future difficulties:

«The traditional method of production of jewels includes unlimited quantity of steps. The whole weeks can leave on that the project crowned success. There were guesses that innovative technologies could lead to efficiency increase, reduction of a waste, improvement of the characteristic and feedback improvement between clients and designers. I spent the whole eternity for work in the sphere of jewels and I understand that remaining true tested and classical, it is necessary to find also something new, to use all pluses of innovations».

Chicago Charm Company — success history about 3D printing jewelry

It accepted that he created jeweler scenery the same as it was done by last generations; on an embodiment of creative ideas a lot of time left.

Digital production cycle

Early packages of the software for 3D modeling were limited and derivative of ordinary tools which are used by industrial and mechanical designers. The jeweler scenery made by means of such software, reminded any details of the equipment, rather than smart products more. «To pleasure, tools were improved and allowed designers to embody any ideas, to be free in creativity». Directly Carter began the way with it to use of a new cycle of production. Modeling in 3D provides unlimited possibilities on not to destructive research of different options or introduction of configurations in coordination with individual wishes of clients.

One business to model jewels in the virtual world, but, to transfer them to the real world, one factor – the device is very important. To the devices owning necessary level of specification for jewelers, had access only perfectly financed service bureaus.

«On 3D it was necessary to send all my early projects to the press in various service bureaus, but it became clear soon that it was inefficient», – Carter explained.

«It how to reflect on need of existence save – the centers in the presence of laser printers. Business was not only that service bureaus achieved a payment for services, remote work appeared very difficult».

He came to a conclusion that was to get own 3D the printer much more effectively.

Chicago Charm Company — success history about 3D printing jewelry

Advance to independent 3D the press

By then, when his talents in 3D design, modeling and design incorporated, started to develop and be improved personal 3D printers. But how it is correct to make a choice? A case and many jewelers whom he knew, were proud of ability to use the tools so that those completely corresponded to their requirements – «Carefully approach to a choice of the best and a meeting it buy. Penny-wise and pound-foolish». With 3D printers business is as.

To case it was clear that among the systems 3D of the press used by service bureaus, the best results were shown by what worked at the envisionTEC Perfactory base. For this reason, in many respects, the case stopped the choice on 3D the Perfactory Micro printer. Its decision was affected also by the list of the materials developed directly for jewels and showing qualitative results. Thus, work of foundry shops became more effective and interconnected. Other preconditions, such as a techno support, the software and reliability, also played a huge role in favor of Perfactory Micro. envisionTEC also provided to Carter a two-day course in California or Michigan, similar experience appeared invaluable proceeding from belief of research of a configuration of the device, installation of a form of model, generation of support and to understanding of practical operations. For these days Carter became sure that it 3D the printer will start to create qualitative production to a descent as it will connect to the design environment.

«Looking back back, I can tell with accuracy that an independent way of tests and mistakes on a way to research of all devices, together with management of business at the same time, would be a continuous nightmare».

Having made a final choice, Carter at present spends the time for development of design, instead of for continuous corrections and new tests to process products. For example, to show advantage 3D to the press over traditional methods of the production, the familiar jeweler asked Carter to make a suspension bracket in the form of cookies. The bent form leads to emergence of hollow areas to which would be unreal to reach by means of ordinary ChPU of the device. 3D the printer can not only make the whole and completely ready object for one production cycle, but at all this such model was also very easily and quickly to process. Thus, much less work, time and materials was spent.

«When I show this process to the colleagues jewelers, at them takes down a roof», – Carter speaks. «I showed a ready suspension bracket in shape печеньки one day later. When they thought, as all this is simple, reflected on all former ideas which they had to refuse earlier. By means of this technology I wish to create the most unusual jewelry».

Continued support

«About a month later after acquisition of the envisionTEC printer developed some improvements for the Perfactory Micro. Much to astonishment of, they suggested to send advanced models to available users, also paid for transfer of out-of-date devices. I do not think that someone another so honest would fulfill the promises. Looking back back, it is pleasant to see that the printer is perfectly entered in a production cycle. In particular it is pleasant, when I watch all that неуввязками which others still face available 3D printers. As well as my many other tools, Perfactory Micro proved that it is capable to do the work perfectly well, in independence of objectives. I think that he will play a huge role in the forthcoming development of my business».

Taking in attention a huge number of clients and the colleagues jewelers addressing to Carter for the help in an embodiment of their projects, it will try to lay out all most noteworthy and printsipny moments on the website. It yet does not work, but will be started soon. Look behind the events:

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