3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter (+ video)

3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter (+ video)

The chamber стеноп is the ordinariest chamber which only is possible. Therefore anything unusual that many fans to photograph very much possibilities to make it means 3D were delighted to the press. Clint O’Connor from Austin, the State of Texas, is fond of chambers стеноп. Many years he took a photo on similar chambers. As well as the most part of other photographers it passed to digital cameras and never looked back back – not including стеноп a photo.

«Stenop offers a unique view of the world of which is unreal to achieve with lenses or digital cameras», – O’Connor notes. O’Connor finds all beauty in the world by means of own eyes and the chamber.

«As I have no hearing, for me always the leading role was played by visual influence of the photo».

3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter (+ video)

Stream near to the mountain Baker, the State of Washington, 2005, photographer Clint O’Connor

«Landscapes and water always me interested more than the rest – duration of an exposition стенопа allowed to transfer smoothness of water flow, actually as the fog, thus, to me was possible to keep movement and a stream in motionless a photo. These cameras also allow to embody unusual depth of a field. The objects being in certain proximity, are focused the same as objects on a distant background. Despite that I do not foreknow what to turn out a final picture, I very often am surprised to results. Some were made of my most successful photos a case or is not planned. Introduction стенопа gets out a big source of creativity and experiments».

3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter (+ video)

O’Connor did own chambers стеноп of a cardboard, wood and steel a banok, or modifying available film cameras. Since at O’Connor appeared 3D the Solidoodle printer, it projected and assembled the chambers means 3D the press. «I thought that it is a quite good way of design and production of new series стенопов. 3D the press allows to create strong and reliable chambers стеноп with new lines and with reasonable cost».

3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter (+ video)

Its the 1st 3D printing стеноп, Flyer, is written from the material Abs, it reliable and easy. The chamber is inexpressibly simple for using, it it is possible to collect and start use quickly.

«With its help it is possible to receive square pictures of the sizes of 6 cm x 6 cm, 12 pictures from the 120th film, the same as with Hasselblad. It it is possible to establish on a support, at it a sliding lock which is very easy for using. A field of vision of 70 degrees, at capture of 133 degrees», – O’Connor explains.

O’Connor started the project of the 3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter to raise funds for design and manufacturing of printing cameras, also to buy necessary quantity of a film, to make photo racks as an example of possibilities of the chamber.

«Later 35 configurations in CAD design, the trial press and design, having used 4 coils of a material, I came nearer very close to the purpose», – O’Connor speaks.

3D the printing chamber стеноп on Kickstarter (+ video)

The unusual lake Hamilton Pool, 2013, photographer Clint O’Connor (it is removed on Flyer 6×6)

If you wish to support the inventor that it could make more designs of cameras, familiarize with its program on Kickstarter. If at you is 3D the printer and desire to print the chamber, instructions and initial STL files can be got for $20. You can receive a set of gadgets for $29 or Kickstarter Edition Flyers, the fully completed chamber стеноп for $49 for Kickstarter. The project managed to achieve a goal in $1200 in 13,5 hours.

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