3D the printer for the food, financed NASA, prints a pizza (+ video)

3D the printer for the food, financed NASA, prints a pizza (+ video)

Because the population of a planet exceeded 7 billions people, the main issues which were considered this year on SXSW Eco, are connected with how to provide increasing population with all necessary.

«Imagine, within 5 years someone should eat semi-finished products (a food ready to the use)», – Andzhan Kontraktor, the senior mechanical engineer of the Systems and Materials Research (SMRC) company in Austin said, the State of Texas. «It is simply awful».

The company of the Counteractor received a grant at a rate of $125000 for a period of 6 months from NASA on continuation of development completely functional 3D the printer for the food, capable to print special nutritious food for astronauts during long space travel. «They aspired to study other technologies, capable to become a source of nutritious food for astronauts», – the Counteractor said.

3D the printer for the food, financed NASA, prints a pizza (+ video)

The counteractor sees the future in what in each kitchen will be 3D the printer, and people can create food from the main powder components. On SXSW Eco the Counteractor showed 3D the printing pizza made on 3D the RepRap printer which at first it designed to make a chocolate Valentine’s Day card for the spouse. How everything occurs? Dry components which can be stored for many years, mix up in separate vessels with water and oil. On a warming-up platform the layer of dough, a layer of tomato sauce and cheese later is covered. Twelve minutes later a small appetizing pizza it is ready. In coming you can simply take dry components and oil in near grocery shop. As the cartridge is devastated, it comes back back to shop.

«We can actually lay all table in the presence of only several resources», – Andzhan Kontraktor speaks. «Let’s tell, one of members of the family goes in for sports, and it needs to use more protein. We can make for it recipes and print the food enriched with a protein. At the same time, if someone became pregnant and needs additional amount of iron, we can print the food enriched with iron».

But this 3D a printing pizza cannot be eaten, while the company will not meet with approval on printing food from Ministry of Health and соц of services of the USA. The counteractor believes that it and is the future for food, and, thus it will be possible to feed increasing population. Together with development of the printer for NASA, the company also deliberates over possibility of realization of it 3D the printer for food.

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