3D printing public boat Jack Potroshitel

3D printing public boat Jack Potroshitel

Andy Ayra had a discrepancy: his wife collected the last 15 years DVD that resulted in absence in their house of an empty seat. Therefore it started to rewrite DVD on the media server. Rewriting is the long process, each hour to it it was necessary to insert a new disk into the computer. Andy got tired from it and decided to find other way.

So Andy вызнал about 3D the press. He longed to design a boat which would replace disks instead of it.

With acquired 3D in Andy’s printer was engaged in design of a boat which he called Jack Potroshitel. Jack Potroshitel consists of 2 pallets and one hand.

3D printing public boat Jack Potroshitel

The pile of disks is necessary for placing on "pallet". The hand moves to a pile and grasps the top disk which is inserted into the disk drive later. Rewriting begins. On the termination the disk is withdrawn from the disk drive, and the hand shifts it in other pallet, and into the disk drive inserts a new disk.

The device works at the Raspberry Pi base, for control of all process of rewriting of disks the old laptop is used. The laptop can rewrite DVD approximately in 1 hour of 15 minutes. The tray can contain 24 disks is about 28 hours of record. Andy says that it is possible to develop spaciousness of a tray if your personal computer works quicker, rather than this laptop.

All initial files, including the complete list of materials, programs and initial STL files of details it is possible to download on github. Files are protected by the license GPLv3. If you wish to collect such without the aid of others, visit Andy’s site and learn more detailed information.

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